Friday, October 27, 2006

who & what done start it

It was the Sickmalls blog that I was trying to comment on that brought me here to blogdom. And this specific post I was wanting to comment on:

I dunno the author Anita and haven't been thru whatever passes for good manners online to say "hey, posting about yr blog in mine". But she has pics of old malls and the Krispy Kreme on Mercury, to name a very few of my favorite things. Makes her a cultural hero in my book.

And viewing her documentation of various ancient retail places in SE VA (my old homeland) will be a new leisure activity. Indeed, I think folks are posting to Flickr more of the same, if I understand correctly.

To keep my promise in "if I were a webmaster", I won't go into the why of my slackness, but some day my own OCD images of some groovy VA signage will emerge. (Assuming way cooler pics aren't already out there . . .) Must explore, learn, now.

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