Thursday, October 22, 2009

like old, only new

Since my post about the old, long gone Thornburg VA Stuckey's, something odd has emerged.

Not a new Stuckey's, but a combination Miller's Mart/Dairy Queen that gives this ol' wayfarer déja vu all over again.

Like it's Stuckey's for a new millenium.

Or for an old era, watched over by a figure from a Captain Morgan's ad.

Old mainstays like bottle rockets, pop-its & other fireworks can still be found.

And questionable figurines of times past have been transmuted into howling wolves, dark castles and questing elves.

Now if I can only find the jokey trucker hats.

And someone to wear them.

friends in vinyl

As this bit of arcana is more about "getting away" than "looking back", check out this link for the full story . . .