Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ye olde Tinder Box

Revisiting a post at That Mall's Sick And That Store's Dead! about the old Newmarket North mall, I recalled still having this stuff from the Tinder Box that was there three decades ago.

Pipe cleaners . . .

Pipe . . .

Everything but the three decade old pipe tobacco. (Huh . . .)

A closeup of the pipe's Tinder Box label:

Another view of the bag:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ida & the station

Tropical Storm Ida
Originally uploaded by VaDOT

Yet another VDOT pic of TS Ida flooding.

My mom always said of this bridge that it should've extended past this low area toward higher ground.

As she's not a VDOT engineer and the businesses here likely wanted to keep the road frontage (and would still face occasional flooding), that was not to be . . .

Ida & the ferry

Tropical Storm Ida, originally uploaded by VaDOT.

More from the aforementioned VDOT TS Ida set. This one at Scotland Wharf.

Ida on Flickr

Tropical Storm Ida
Originally uploaded by VaDOT
VDOT also has a set of pics from the flooding in November from Tropical Storm Ida.

a VDOT view of the snow

Photos posted on Flickr by the Virginia Department of Transportation of the recent snow storm.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Long Gone Away

This homebrew music video uses some stills from the Night Wanderer post and one of the razed Walnut Mall lot. And an unblogged photo of the Coliseum Mall demolition.

Plus Super-8 footage circa 1998 of the so-called ghost house in my old neck of the woods and other area bits & pieces.

Like Pons Store or the James River seen from Hog Island.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

day of the Chuck

Well, the backyard woodchuck is hanging in there as of this 1st day of November.

As these blurry photos can attest.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

like old, only new

Since my post about the old, long gone Thornburg VA Stuckey's, something odd has emerged.

Not a new Stuckey's, but a combination Miller's Mart/Dairy Queen that gives this ol' wayfarer déja vu all over again.

Like it's Stuckey's for a new millenium.

Or for an old era, watched over by a figure from a Captain Morgan's ad.

Old mainstays like bottle rockets, pop-its & other fireworks can still be found.

And questionable figurines of times past have been transmuted into howling wolves, dark castles and questing elves.

Now if I can only find the jokey trucker hats.

And someone to wear them.

friends in vinyl

As this bit of arcana is more about "getting away" than "looking back", check out this link for the full story . . .

Monday, August 10, 2009

picking up hay bales

courtesy Open Source Movies

Though several states north of and decades before my time & place, feel a bit of deja vu watching this film.

Esp. where the bales are hoisted into truck and barn by human hands.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Modern Trends in Swine Production-1961

courtesy Prelinger Archives

The pastures and bigger lots seen later in the film are closer to what I remember. Some of the sights and all of the sounds match recollection.

Esp. the muted grunts and slamming feeder lids in this section and this one.

And the US Steel logo that appears is very familiar.

Film link and thumbnails at the Internet Archive . . .

roadside goodness returns

Just FYI, folks: agilitynut is out in the Midwest and posting the pics and such to prove it.

Oh, ye olde Krispy Kreme . . .

And former Arby's . . .

And lend this an ear . . .

And a moment of silence for a good pig remembered . . .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

wayback with Stuckey's

To file under Stuckey's . . .

As things online have a pretty fast turnover, it's thanks to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine that old websites can still be visited.

The Stuck On Stuckey's site being a case in point . . .

There's a whole list of links to different editions, but this one will get you there.

As Petersburg gets mentioned here now and again, here's a postcard image of an old Stuckey's on US 301. From this list of Stuckey's images.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

recent and not so recent

The Smithfield Times kindly shares a few of the sights and sounds from this year's Pork, Peanut and Pine Festival.

Think it's been quite a while since I went.

Meantime, here are some images of cool old newspaper ads someone was good enough to post on Flickr.

Includes old Leggett, Home Quarters Warehouse, Circuit City, Revco and Roses ads. So check it out.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

hats off to agribusiness

Some cool old swag circa 1980 back when United States Steel was into agribusiness.

Another artifact, likely from a decade or so ago, this hat from the Peanut Growers Cooperative Marketing Association:

A cursory Google search shows the PGCMA is still in the news.

Maybe a color image of the once ubiquitous blue Bravo hat is somewhere.

Till then, here's a detail from a black & white photo my oldest brother took. Not intended to show off the hat, the image may jog the memory of anyone who ever saw one of these.

Monday, May 18, 2009

seven on the flip side

click for a closer view

The above is from circa spring 1978 when my oldest brother kindly send me a clipping of a Richmond Times-Dispatch article on jazz music.

Thirty-one years later, sifting through my old old stuff, I found these movie ads on the back.

Of all of these movies, I've only seen Which Way Is Up?. If working my way through to watch the others, the Pam Grier and Rudy Ray Moore look the most promising. The Other Side of the Mountain Part 2 will likely wait.

, these were all Neighborhood Theatres. The GNH seen in the movie times was short for Good Neighbor Hour and designated the cheaper matinee showings.

Only the Byrd and the Towne (now known as the National) are still standing. The Byrd shows movies and features a cool theater organ. The National is a concert venue.

But even the fallen Colonial, Capitol and State theaters live on at Cinema Treasures. All sorts of links to photos and such can be found, including this old newsreel of the State Theatre's opening in 1933 (no audio):

Thursday, May 14, 2009

your handwriting analyzed

Well, actually, as mentioned long ago, my handwriting (digitally scrubbed away):

Analyzed circa 1971 by a computer set up in Mercury Plaza in Hampton.

While one or two out of the five results were somewhere in the ballpark, the others were pretty off base:

I had just learned cursive lettering (and have since sworn off of it).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sound '78 @ the Virginia Beach Dome

Yeah, back in July 1977, my brother took me to the Sound '78 expo at the Virginia Beach Dome and all I got was this frisbee.

Oh, and a program . . .

Rather like the stereo man. It's like some dude really wanted to be John Lennon but instead became a reel-to-reel based component stereo system.

Nope, sorry, no memories of the wondrous Klatu the Quasar robot. [UPDATE: very cool Quasar image here.] Just my cluelessly wandering through display tables of stereo gear . . .

Gotta love the tie-in here to the 1976 Presidential Debate (my highlighting below):

This was before my days as a noisy popster, so I didn't even notice any instruments and music gear there.

But it's funny now to see vintage gear like the Electro-Harmonix Small Stone and Big Muff listed so clinically under their model numbers. Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to 1977 . . .

Saturday, May 09, 2009