Monday, November 27, 2006

extented use of the H'ween inflato-tarantula

Lacking interesting pics of anything save gnarly mushrooms in a neighbor's yard, we switch to text-only mode and my wife reminding me of something I forget ever writing:

Remember when we were going to convert the blowup tarantula into a Christmas decoration?

You wrote:

"Hangers may puncture the great T.-- maybe soft ornaments made like socks. Put them in the dryer and use static cling to affix them:

O Tarantula-baum, O Tarantula-baum,
our Christmas socks adhere on thee
O Tarantula-baum, O Tarantula-baum,
your girth obscures our big TV"

The editor within says maybe it should be "adhere to thee", but I have to agree with my past self that a Tarantula-baum Christmas™ might be the best Christmas ever.

The aforementioned lawn decoration is not ours, but one we drive by so often (while it's up) as to feel somehow entitled. If you have an inflatable tarantula left over from Halloween (and a really big living room), think it over.

And may I suggest: static cling might also work for tinsel and cut-out paper ornaments.

[Beware to spammers who use surreal nonsense to elude email filters. If I find a word of this post in one of your Viagra missives, you'll be found out & ritually fed to our air-filled Yuletide friend.]

Expecting a blow-up Scooby Doo in your crèche,

Friday, November 03, 2006

scenes from the James River, Richmond VA

While at the aforementioned National Folk Festival, I took some stray pictures of the James.