Thursday, May 14, 2009

your handwriting analyzed

Well, actually, as mentioned long ago, my handwriting (digitally scrubbed away):

Analyzed circa 1971 by a computer set up in Mercury Plaza in Hampton.

While one or two out of the five results were somewhere in the ballpark, the others were pretty off base:

I had just learned cursive lettering (and have since sworn off of it).


JH said...

I came across this blog while researching Mercury Plaza mall. You might want to check out my yahoo web group Peninsula Garage - 60s Garage Bands From Southeast Virginia.
Sorry for the shameless self promotion in your comments section, Id have e-mailed you the link but I couldn't find an e-mail address on your blog. Very interesting posts you have here by the way...oh yeah, one last thing, I came across an old Daily Press article from 65 about them installing the time capsule at that theater, cant remember the exact date but it was on microfilm at the Hilton library and was from 1965 or 1966...Thanks, JH

K. R. Seward said...

Thanks for your comment. Will check out your Yahoo group.

You've prob. already seen or even submitted stuff to Garage Hangover--the site for 1960s garage bands. Here's a Tidewater VA related link there:

(Tho' these were the Norfolk VA Aliens who had some battle of the band with a Hampton band named the Aliens, etc.)

I grew up out in the sticks and it's all just a few years before my time. But I read/take in what I can of that scene as a spread-thin generalist.

Thanks also for the Hilton libr. tip. I'm out of VA now, but anyone else running across all this may be in town and ready to research. Or--if I get back that way myself . .