Saturday, October 28, 2006

intended for a wider audience-corrections

It should be known that this blog (read: the person writing it) is very prone to factual errors. So to save some time overall I would say: take this grain of salt.

However, it's good (esp. online) not to let half-baked info go uncorrected. As all sorts of questionable info gets received and replicated, I'd rather not contribute any more of it if possible.

In "intended" I mentioned the current Macy's at Coliseum Mall may've been a Miller & Rhoades. Anita at the SickMalls blog wrote to say it was likely a Thalheimer's then as the M&R was in Newmarket North/N. Fair.

And that very response probably means the comment I posted there is now up, for what that may be worth.

Perhaps an improved signal-to-noise ratio is forthcoming here at uberkayness.

And if not that, my remembrance of malls past is more of a roadshow than a mission. Once done contributing whatever's relevant to this topic, I will mosey on and leave the sensible folk who really know their stuff to keep it 'tween the ditches.

Kinda spacey then and now,

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