Saturday, October 28, 2006

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New to this sort of thing, I thought I had posted the following comment to the SickMalls blog. Not so. So here I go with my remembrance of shopping malls past, specifically the Coliseum Mall in Hampton VA:

I remember the Korvettes. Used to go the music section and window shop mostly ("hmm, cool album cover . . but is it really worth the $7.98"). Big memory there is how I, like many American teens at the time, just passed by the big display brimming over with newly released Never Mind The Bollocks LPs. My reaction was something of a slack-jawed "wha?"

Yep, Korvettes' music dept. was cool (even if I wasn't).

I have mid- to late-80s memories of buying cool cutout cassettes in essentially the same space, but I can't imagine it was Korvettes still (or Wards). Sorry, I don't recall the store.

I forget the record store that was between the Penney's and what's currently Macy's (back then a Miller & Rhodes?). But it was a small, compact store. And another source of mid-80s cutout cassettes. Including a Jonathan Richman solo thing I ended up giving to my nieces and a copy of Lou Reed's Berlin that my boom box made a big show of chewing up in the very first moments of play on my way back home. A grand and harrowing slur of sound, then nothing.

End o' comment.

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