Friday, October 27, 2006

if I were a webmaster & you were a lady . . .

I think often of a bit from the Simpsons, I forget which episode, where Patti and Selma are conferring on old standby interests that just aren't filling that personal void anymore. As one of the surly sisters mentions the shortwave radio, the radio is in view and some dude on the air says something in Serbo-Croation or whatever that translates as: "I have a ham radio."

That's kinda how I feel about this blog. (And maybe most blogs, but we'll stick to this one.)

To avoid said empty assertions, I will either find content or terminate this blog. If I have the time (big question) and figure how to do what needs to be done (something along the lines of what antenna to use--of which I will avoid any further mention). Just this initial bit of self-consciousness to limit my embarrassment if anyone ever looks at this blog.

As a wise person once told me: careful, this may suck. You've been warned.

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