Sunday, October 29, 2006

lacking the treble clef

In my haste (on the tail end of the Walnut Mall pilgrimage), I took this picture of the Melody Inn sign on US 460 in Waverly VA. Anyone from the area and familiar with this sign knows how I goofed up: the roadsigns are obscuring the treble clef symbol to the right of the vertical "MOTEL". Knowing what you're looking for, you can see a slice of it through the roadsigns. (UPDATE: new photo here)

But it's a cool sign and even a half-baked photo of it is worth posting.

I'm from 'round here originally and never had any occasion to stay at the Melody Inn, but I always liked the architecture, those turquoise doors and that cool shade willow tree.

An improbable bit of modernist Shangri-La up against a four-lane highway . . .

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