Friday, October 27, 2006

as I was not saying

Hello All--

I only created this blog so as to post a comment on another blog--whose name slips my mind, but it's about old/sick/dead shopping malls in the goo'ol' US of A (of which I am a happy, proud, if also skeptical and ironical, citizen).

In the spirit of blogdom (shout it from one of a million million virtual rooftops), I will post it here too, a brief remembrance of the Mercury Mall that once existed on Mercury Blvd in Hampton VA, USA, N. America, Earth. If I recall the blog to which I posted, I'll mention that too for other morbidly sentimental types.

What birthed a blog:

Wm. Blake wisely wrote: "Drive your cart and your plow over the bones of the dead."

But I'm a sentimental old cuss who remembers the old Giant Open Air Market at the Mercury Mall. A vast and otherworldly place where my mom would pick up a dozen of the biggest glazed donuts in history.

And I recall being just small and goofy enough to submit my then nascent cursive handwriting to a computerized handwriting analysis machine that was stationed in the mall, say, circa 1971. I forget the exact results but they were printed on several blue hole-punch cards.

Now we have Bob Evans Restaurant and the Internet, and such ancient miracles are long past.

Thanks for your postings on these dead/sick malls.

End o' comment . . .

All for now,

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