Friday, October 12, 2007

ruins of old Smithfield

Old means: old to me, those things hereabouts as long or longer than me.

Sentimentality, nostalgia--they might be variants of emotional cancer undercutting what is now with what once was and is no more. A song like "Precious Memories" plays in the mind, each refrain an ebbing away from life as it is towards death.

Once way back as far as I can remember there was a Rich's Supermarket (now the True Value Hardware on Church Street), a Colonial Foods (in the now long gone shopping center where Gale's Furniture and the ABC store were), and Little's Supermarket.

Long after Rich's and Colonial Foods were history, Little's prevailed and was the only supermarket this side of town.

But during my last visits down to this area back in January and May, the stock was low and it seemed the store would soon close. As it did on the 30th of June.

In the 1970s, the Holland Haus restaurant opened. Ultimately, it became Angelo's. My mom & her friends would eat there often. Her 80th birthday party was held in the banquet room. I remember one of my first meals there I met up with my brother who was living in Churchland at the time. In the intervening years, both my sister and I when visiting would make a pilgrimage there for the steak sandwich and fries.

Since my last visit, all the Angelo's signage is down and the parking lot has been chained off.

On an up note, progress on the Schoolhouse Museum just next door to Little's seems pretty far along.

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Anonymous said...

The site of Angelo's is now the Smithfield Fire Department headquarters.

Little's Supermarket still sits empty, unchanged since 2007 when it closed.

The Isle of Wight Rescue Squad building is now empty, with new headquarters on Great Springs Rd.

Two new Dollar General stores are open, one near Little's and the other next to Royal Farms on Church Street.

Southern Food Store is now becoming a 7-11, which will be the fourth 7-11 in the county, a fifth one is under construction in Carrollton. Near it will be a new Dunkin Donuts.