Saturday, October 20, 2007

formerly known as Stuckey's, pt. 1

This former Stuckey's was the one I went by about 8 years ago.

After driving around Jamestown, I went in search of this Stuckey's and found it near I-64 in Toano VA (thanks to a fellow working at Musicland).

While the store had indeed seen better days, it was good at least to find the building still standing (more about that in pt. 2).

There's maybe one actual Stuckey's in Virginia now, on the Eastern Shore in Mappsville. Otherwise, it's just a few mini-marts that happen to stock Stuckey's items.

And thankfully, the unofficial fansite Stuck On Stuckey's is still online now archived , though it seems to be in transition.

[UPDATE Nov. 2008: SOS (and many other AOL-based sites) have gone offline. The dead link has been replaced with a link to a recent version archived at the Wayback Machine.]

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