Friday, October 19, 2007

north on the Jamestown Ferry

Late September during an extended visit with family, I took the Jamestown Ferry just to cross the James River and feel the river breeze.

Here are some pictures while waiting at Scotland Wharf and riding north to Jamestown.

Below are a couple of the spare ferries, Surry and Virginia.

Virginia is one of those ferries I wish was running but rarely is when I ride. It has the open upper deck to take in a wide view of the river and feel the air. Great for a warm September day.

After boarding the ferry Williamsburg, here's a look back at Scotland Wharf from an upper deck window:

A heron on the pilings at Scotland Wharf:

Here we go . . .

Views of historic Jamestown:

Bridge on the scenic Colonial Parkway:

A whole other kind of bridge . . .

Abstracts of the deck's metal plating and painted markings:

The ships at Jamestown Festival Park:

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