Thursday, January 24, 2008

twilight revisited

Twilight is my favorite time of day, especially here.

Some years ago hereabouts I took the picture for Twilight Extended.

And when I was very young, I'd wander in the late dusk of summer. Through the sheds out back and down the lane towards the road.

Not really noticing the sun going down or the cars going by.

Just singing "Car 54, where are you . . ."

Or wearing a bath towel like a Superman cape.

Later on I recall a painting my brother-in-law did inspired by The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

It hung in my room where I'd look at it and look at it.

The stark forest and horizon were silhouettes against the sunset.

And one stump in particular, when stared at long enough, almost seemed a castle.

Something much larger and lonelier.

And farther away.

Later this same evening I recorded geese and distant sounds.

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