Thursday, January 31, 2008

boy & swan

Way back in the day, I always rather liked Roxy Music.

Esp. the fluttery vibrato of Bryan Ferry's voice. My strongly held initial impression (never substantiated down the line) was that Ferry was both kidding and dead serious in every word and every note. However over the top his delivery, I always felt his life depended on everything he ever sang.

I've rarely if ever accomplished that balance of the ironic and the earnest.

Not only that, I'll turn things inside out.

I'll think weathered stone (or concrete) to be the most insubstantial of things.

And find in plastic, though faded and false from the start, the object of all human faith and yearning.

Or maybe the surface of anything viewed reflects the light we shine upon it.

Something like that.


Mike said...

I will be looking at concrete with a new suspicion.

thombeau said...

I agree with your take on Bryan Ferry. He RULES! Well, in some swank circles, anyway...

K. R. Seward said...

While all materials should be seen with a healthy skepticism, I hope I didn't totally cloud your future view of concrete. [grin]

These late in the day entries, esp. anything involving words, I often overstep myself. This time maybe shorting concrete to give plastic some much needed respect.

My bad, as the kids (used to) say. Trust the photo not the photographer/caption writer.

As for the Bryan Ferry (and the Eno as well), nothing too good can be said.

His is a broad & benevolent dominion where we all may yet abide.

(Oops, sorry--more words, heh . .)

Thank you both for kindly dropping by.