Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Angelo's of Smithfield VA

I've mentioned the closing of Angelo's Restaurant in Smithfield. More than once already . . .

Out the loop & none too worldly wise, I'm not sure if the building is meant for renovation.

Or demolition.

It's a cool building and a longtime local fixture.

Let's hope it's not going.

On another vanishing front, Anita mentioned in her Sickmalls blog how the two Smithfield area Food Lion stores were converting over to FL's more upscale Bloom chain.

Since May, I hadn't been in Smithfield much 'cept for a couple of quick drive throughs. However forewarned, I hadn't noticed and was very surprised to see the S. Church St. Food Lion now a Bloom.

The Disabled American Veterans Thrift Store is still next door.

All the same, getting a kinda Kevin McCarthy feeling . . .

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