Friday, May 18, 2007

last steak sandwich pt. 2

As per usual, you can't trust my so-called facts. But spell it anyway you want, change comes as a vanishing world makes way.

Pictured above is the Tasty Treat (Tastee Treet?) in Wakefield, VA, now under new management and closed for remodeling.

The new owners may be anxious to remake the old into something fresh yet familiar. A steak sandwich and a milkshake in some cool flavor like butterscotch may yet await future patrons. Or not. I'll have to check by & see next time I'm around.

Today it's a open question.

Everything there is fresh white paint, emptied space, almost nothing old remaining. Nowhere on premises is the funky old neon sign that read "EAT".

And I know that, along with Angelo's Restaurant, the Tastee Freez drive-in in Smithfield is gone. The Tasty Treat drive-in in Surry (no relation to the one in Wakefield) is long long gone, now a pizza parlor with an addition built onto it. The Sammy & Nick's on Mercury Blvd. in Hampton is closed (the marquee says to check out their restaurant in Williamsburg).

I don't live in Hampton Roads anymore or get around enough to know what's what. But if there's no Sammy & Nick's in Williamsburg, I only know of Monty's Penguin on Warwick Blvd. in Newport News to get that fun, simple, tasty steak sandwich.

Not really the stuff of true loss & mourning, it's a subtle touch of it as small familiar things slip away.

Here's hoping the new owners have something old in store for us.

Last steak sandwich . . . pt. 1:

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