Sunday, May 27, 2007

Egypt Lane

A venerable song of mine plus also venerable Super-8 footage (casually transferred to video) equals the very homebrew video above.

Includes stop-action animation, time-lapse photography, treated film and such, in color and black & white. Most of the live footage was shot at Eqypt Lane (the song's namesake), a small street in Fairhaven, Massachusetts that leads to Buzzards Bay.

While this video is very much my own mess, I have to tip my hat in appreciation toward the acid movie of my friend Steev (& his compadres in the Mental Hygiene League), the Super-8 films of Kaye Lazar, the Brothers Cobb, the work of Fiat Lux, and the likes of Chris Marker, Stan Brakhage and Andrei Tarkovsky. Numerous others would get the nod, including my wife (who was nice enough to share her painting studio), her grandfather (an 8mm and Super-8 enthusiast in his day) and my camera-wielding brother, Roy.

Also Mark and Clay and Mary, wherever you all are, and Jim Taylor and . . . [being dragged from the podium now]

POSTSCRIPT: The footage of Egypt Lane was shot circa 1997. So anyone from the area could tell you that the Atlas Tack factory with the tall smokestack has since been razed. The stack & most of the building is gone and a bike path now runs by the old lot, across Egypt Lane and eastward to the edge of town. Here's a recent view on video.

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