Thursday, May 17, 2007

last steak sandwich in North America

As always, I'm hazy on the details. Sometime in April, Angelo's closed.

Back in 1976, it opened in Smithfield VA as the Holland Haus and sported decorative windmill blades. That lasted a couple of years. I forget the next incarnation or how long it ran before the restaurant became Angelo's.

My mom and her friends & family ate there often. Her 80th birthday party was held there some years back.

My sister and I both loved the steak sandwich with the big serving of fries. Great fries that I lack words to describe.

Oddly enough, not just those great fries, but a once more widely available, simple but good steak sandwich is fading from view. Places of a certain old school niche--like a Tastee Freez drive-in or 70's vintage Greek-American steak restaurant--served that basic steak sandwich with lettuce & tomato, mayo optional. Places like Angelo's that are slipping away.

Sometimes, you can just make a meal at home. Cook something up just the way you want it.

Sometimes, you want what you want to be waiting somewhere else.

Without Angelo's, and with fewer and fewer places like it kicking around, what may be waiting is the last steak sandwich in N. America.


Anita said...

When I lived in Wakefield, and when mom and I would go to Smithfield or Newport News we passed by this building.

K. R. Seward said...

Speaking of Wakefield, I was there last week to catch lunch (a steak sandwich, of course) at the Tasty Treat. Found out it had changed hands and the new owners were in the process of renovation. It was closed.

I had this also in mind with I wrote the Angelo's entry and will soon do a last s. s. part two.