Saturday, May 03, 2008


Once upon a time, Leggett Department Stores were everywhere in southeastern Virginia.

Here are a few hastily photographed artifacts from that time. Below is label off a suit bag from the Greenbrier Mall store.

My mom likes to tell the story about her and me in the Leggett that was once in downtown Suffolk. I was a preschooler or thereabouts then. I went to the customer service counter, told the lady there I was lost and she'd page my mom over the PA saying her kid was at the customer service desk. I did this twice in one day. And my mom, tho' still somewhat amused the second time, announced she'd leave me there the third time around. Telling the story, she likes to say I didn't have her paged again after that.

'Course the fact is: that Leggett (all two floors of it) was not a place where even a young kid could get lost. And the game was yielding diminishing returns for all concerned.

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