Friday, November 23, 2007

cassette arcana

In Music Thing, there was mention of all these music related crafty items including cassette themed stuff at Etsy. So I thought I'd post this odd bit of cassette arcana.

Tho' I'm a big fan of the cassette, this groovy bit of merchandising predates even my prodigious usage . . .

Detail from just below the cassette's blister pack:

Aside from the splashy design & copywriting, what I love is this is a 15 minute cassette. So words and images connoting boundless vistas of self-expression are put forth to sell a tape that offers 7 1/2 minutes of recording time per side.

Luckily, longer cassettes were also available (gotta love the multiple overlaying images of Beethoven in the Classic series packaging--click the image below for a closer look).

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K. R. Seward said...

Noticed years after posting that the company Dynasound was headquartered at 205 Broadway in Cambridge MA. A location I've been by several times, if some decades after the fact.