Wednesday, July 11, 2007

time capsule at Newmarket Theatre

Waiting for the movie to begin, my mind would boggle over the dates on this plaque. Especially that second one: Sept. 13, 2015.

Go up those steps in the picture above and somewhere just to the left or the right you'd find that plaque. But no movie to wait for.

Heck, these pictures were taken in 2000 and it was a very closed theatre then.

The newer Cinema 3 & 4, last I saw (sometime after these photos were taken), had become a church. Hardly the first time I've seen that happen.

While I sit and think of every science fiction movie I ever watched and await the arrival of the now retired WB froggy singing "hello my Ragtime gal" along with transistor radios and whatever other mid-60s ephemera the now very retired Newmarket Theatre shoved down into the concrete under that plaque, I strain just as hard as I did decades ago to see the shiny vision of a year 2015. Maybe not the real year just seven and a half years away. But the one seen so long ago in 1965, when movie theatres came in multiples of one and 50 years of relevance was not so much to hope for.

Meantime, a shout out to Anita whose Sickmalls blog entry on the Riverdale movie theatre got me to finally scan these pics. And to my friend Derm, the man with the Time Capsule plan.

And I've added the Newmarket Cinemas (its last incarnation) to the Cinema Treasures website so I can see what someone else has to say.

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