Friday, June 29, 2007

pictures of Stuckey's

It was late September 1999. My usual route south to my mom's was washed out courtesy Hurricane Floyd. So I took I-64 east toward Williamsburg VA to a back route I knew to the Jamestown Ferry.

Along the way, there was a Stuckey's.

Angels sang. Pralines were purchased. That's more or less how it was in those days . . .

No interior pics, but I seem to recall wood beam rafters and wood paneling. (Might've been praline-induced reveries . . .)

I've just sent these pics along to Stuck on Stuckey's, a cornucopia of info on the once great roadside chain.

[UPDATE Nov. 2008: SOS has since gone offline. But like many other old sites, it has an archived version now available on the Wayback Machine. The dead link's been fixed.]

Haven't been back since--no idea if the building stands now or what. I only know it's not listed at the Stuckey's official site.

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